Nutrico – CASE STUDY

Nutrico – CASE STUDY

Empowering Nutrico’s Multichannel Expansion with MGLogics’ Comprehensive Integration Solutions

Empowering Nutrico’s Multichannel Expansion with MGLogics’ Comprehensive Integration Solutions

MGLogics collaborated with Nutrico, a dynamic health supplement company, to tackle their complex integration needs and enhance their operational capabilities. By implementing a tailored solution leveraging our extensive expertise in e-commerce technology, we significantly improved Nutrico’s operational efficiency, market reach, and customer satisfaction.




Health Supplements


Shopify, Amazon, Walmart, POS systems

Nutrico provides supplements designed to help individuals take control of their health, live vibrantly, and age with resilience.

The Challenge

Nutrico encountered several critical challenges that impacted their business performance and growth:

▪  Scalability

Managing rapid expansion across brick-and-mortar and online channels.

▪  Custom Subscriptions

Need for advanced subscription features to enhance customer loyalty and revenue predictability.

▪  Integration with Marketplaces

Complexities in synchronizing operations with Amazon and Walmart.

▪  Inventory Management

Inaccurate stock levels leading to stockouts and operational inefficiencies.

▪  Payment Processing

Integration of a new payment platform with existing POS systems for streamlined transactions.

Our Solution

MGLogics developed a comprehensive solution tailored to Nutrico’s specific needs.

Custom Subscription Features

We integrated bespoke subscription functionalities into Nutrico’s e-commerce platform, enabling recurring orders and enhancing customer retention.

Marketplace Integration

Our solution facilitated seamless connectivity with Amazon and Walmart, expanding Nutrico’s market presence and ensuring synchronized operations across multiple sales channels.

Real-Time Inventory Management

We implemented an automated inventory management system, ensuring real-time updates and accurate stock levels, reducing the risk of stockouts and optimizing warehouse operations.

Unified Payment Processing

Our integration unified Nutrico’s new payment platform with their existing POS system, streamlining the checkout process both online and in-store. This enhanced transaction tracking and financial management, providing a seamless customer experience.

Operational Streamlining

By automating critical processes and ensuring seamless integration, our solution significantly improved Nutrico’s operational efficiency, translating into reduced overhead costs and better resource utilization.

The implementation of MGLogics’ tailored solution delivered transformative results for Nutrico

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Advanced subscription features increased repeat purchases and revenue predictability.

Expanded Market Reach

Integration with Amazon and Walmart broadened Nutrico’s market presence.

Operational Efficiency

Real-time inventory management and automated processes streamlined operations, reducing manual effort and errors.

Improved Financial Management

Unified payment processing facilitated smoother transactions and better financial oversight.

“Working with MGLogics has been instrumental in our multichannel growth. Their tailored solution not only addressed our integration challenges but also enhanced our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We are now better positioned to meet the demands of our expanding market and look forward to continued success with MGLogics by our side.”

– CEO of Nutrico

MGLogics is proud to have contributed to Nutrico’s success by providing innovative technology solutions tailored to their unique business needs. Our expertise in e-commerce integration, automation, and optimization continues to empower retailers across various industries, driving sustainable growth and operational excellence.

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